Luke Bryan's Wife Caroline Opens Up About Miscarriage

February 4, 2019
Luke Bryan

usa today

Luke Bryan's wife, Caroline sat down for a very real conversation for a podcast with host Caroline Hobby.  The two ladies discussed  a variety of topics, from the early days of the couple dating to a topic that more women are bringing out in the open and that's their personal struggle with infertility and miscarriages.

Both ladies talked about their struggle and they're not the only ones.  Recently, Carrie Underwood revealed that she had 3 miscarriages before finally getting pregnant with her second son Jacob. 

Caroline Bryan said that after the birth of their first son Bo, that unexpectedly got pregnant again, but had suffered her miscarriage.  She said, "Luke didn't’t know really how to comfort me because he didn't’t get it. But as girls, when you go through it and you lose it, there is a loss. And it sucks and it hurts."

Caroline also lightens the mood and jokes a lot about her life with Luke.  You can listen to the entire interview on Caroline Hobby's Get Real Podcast on Apple Podcast for free.