JJ Watt Wants To Give You $100K And A New Truck!

You Could Win A Ford Raptor And $100K Towards A House

August 28, 2019
JJ Watt

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There's no doubt that JJ Watt is extrememly generous and once again he's proving that.  JJ and his Justin J. Watt Foundation are giving away $100,000 and a Ford Raptor to one lucky person all while helping kids.

The winner gets 

  • $100,000 to puts towards a down payment or towards a morgage on a house
  • A Brand New Ford F-150 Raptor
  • Meet JJ Watt In Houston

Or maybe you'd prefer your own JJ Watt Robot?  (Watch the video below to see what I'm talking about.) 

JJ explains how to enter the contest in his Tweet below, but you can also click this link to find out more.  JJ Watt Contest