Does Carrie Underwood Have Something She Wants To Tell Us?

Did you notice something about Carrie?

June 7, 2018



Lots of people are talking about the CMT Awards last night, 6/6, and lots of people are talking about Carrie and a possible baby bump.


Usually, I'm not one to jump on the "Oh look who's pregnant!" train.  However, when I saw a picture Carrie posted on Instagram, I did think to myself "Hmmm..."

Then I looked at the comments and saw how many other people noticed what I noticed.

About last night...the #CMTAwards were so much fun! Thanks, again, @ludacris for lending some of your magic to this song and this video! And, of course, thanks fans for the love you continue to show again and again! I’ll just stay up here on cloud 9 for a while if you don’t mind! --: @shearerphoto

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