Did Florida Georgia Line Knock Off A Kane Brown Song?

Do you hear a similarity?

June 10, 2020

Florida Georgia Line's new song "I Love My Country" sounds an awful like a track from Kane Brown's Experiment album called "Short Skirt Weather".

While the songs sound pretty darn close, I'm not saying the Florida Georgia Line boys ripped off the Kane Brown track.  Actually, I think this is kinda like what happens on the NBC TV show Songland.  Have you ever seen it?  A songwriter comes in and sings an awesome version of their song. Fast forward through some retooling and VOILA!  It's a brand new song!  That's how I see this situation.

BTW...Kane Brown and a couple of his co-writers of "Short Skirt Weather" are also listed as writers for "I Love My Country."


Here's Kane Brown's Short Skirt Weather


Here's Florida Georgia Line's I Love My Country 


Here's the mashup!