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Remembering September 11, 2001 Eighteen Years Later

It's a day that will remain etched into my head forever. I think it's like my parents remembering where they were when JFK was assassinated. **Warning: This video may contain visuals that could upset you** Video of Look back at how September 11 unfolded The morning of September 11, 2001: 8:46 a.m... Read More

Chris Lane Brings Big, Big Plans Tour To Houston In Feb 2020

This is big news for Chris Lane fans! His Big, Big Plans Tour is going to make a stop in downtown Houston at the House of Blues in February 2020 and tickets go on sale Friday! Hopefully, newcomers Gabby Barrett, Blanco Brown and Ernest K make their way to Houston with him! It looks like the show is... Read More

WATCh: Man Catch Stranger's Phone On Roller Coaster

Losing your phone is one of the worst feelings in the world, and to lose it on a roller coaster? You are already thinking about paying hundreds of dollar to replace it once it leaves your hand/pocket. This guy is a stud and deserves a medal! Video of Catching a strangers phone on roller coaster Read More

(Video) George Springer Carted Off After Hitting Wall

George Springer just made an incredible leaping catch. Hit his head on the wall and is currently down. Hope he’s alright. — Ben Porter (@Ben13Porter) September 4, 2019 George Springer is being carted off the field. He hit his head on the wall after making a great catch in... Read More

Jagermeister Introduces Coffee Flavored Liquor

Well, if you had wanted somethin to really set off your morning and your typical cup of Joe doesn't do the about Jagermeister's new concoction? This will either leave you slurring and sloppy or energized and questionable. Either way, you're goin to wanna drink this responsibly because... Read More

Now You Can Own Kacey Musgrave's Neon Cowboy Hat

If you've wanted to look like Spacey Kacey then here's your chance! You may want to score this awesome neon cowboy hat for the next time you get to see the starlet in action or if you just wanna stand out the next time you step into a honky tonk! KM x @neoncowboys -- available now. link in bio... Read More

Miranda Lambert Busts Out Knife On Stage, Destroys Beachball

Miranda Lambert busted out a knife on stage this past weekend to put an end to a beach ball that made its way on stage. I mean, it doesn't shock me because I've heard the song "Gundpowder & Lead" and her country girl attitude. I'm sure the beach ball blower meant well but Miranda wasn't having... Read More
JJ Watt

JJ Watt Wants To Give You $100K And A New Truck!

There's no doubt that JJ Watt is extrememly generous and once again he's proving that. JJ and his Justin J. Watt Foundation are giving away $100,000 and a Ford Raptor to one lucky person all while helping kids. The winner gets $100,000 to puts towards a down payment or towards a morgage on a house... Read More

(Video) Astros Unveil New Netting That Runs Down Baseline

Following a couple different accidents related to foul balls striking and injuring fans along the baseline the Houston Astros have extended their foul netting. In this video posted to Twitter you can see the protection being put in place that extends to where the ball boy usually sits. This is an... Read More

George Strait Announces New Concert Dates

The King returns to Texas in November for back to back shows in Fort Worth at Dickies Arena and he's also got some dates nailed down for December in Las Vegas! Today, George Strait announced his residency in Vegas will continue in the year 2020 so if you are yet to make it to Sin City to see the... Read More