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Watch an octopus change colors while dreaming!

Did you know that octopuses dream? It's a magical thing! Or at least that's what scientists think. A marine biologist films this octopus changing colors while dreaming and it’s spectacular — Domenico Calia (@CaliaDomenico) September 27, 2019 On an upcoming PBS documentary... Read More

WALK A MILE - Episode 4 - Sheila Mashburn

"I've been fighting cancer for over 40 years...." That's the way this episode begins, For the WALK A MILE IN MY BOOTS Podcast. And it introduces us to Sheila, George's sister, and her struggles, triumphs, and lessons from a 40-year fight with the "C" word! Wanna be inspired - give this a listen! Read More

Miranda Lambert Auctions Off Clothes For Mutt Nation

One thing I love about Miranda Lambert is that she is a huge dog lover. She started the Mutt Nation Foundation, a rescue foundation that has helped hundreds and hundreds of dogs get rescued and adopted. It's raised millions of dollars to help shelters and animals . With the power of celebrity,... Read More

RodeoHouston Opens Registration For Mutton Bustin'

Mutton Bustin' registration is open and it's time to sign up the kiddos! And it's time to start practicing in the living room! Mutton Bustin' registration is now open for Rodeo 2020! Get those applications in soon, folks! Register here: —... Read More

Garth Talks Getting Called Out By Jimmy Carter On Ellen

Last year, Ellen tried to scare Garth Brooks during his interview and it was a total fail. She plays the video from last year before the interview with Garth and then they sit and talk about President Jimmy Carter calling him out for taking a break while building with Habitat For Humanity. Watch... Read More

Read Collin McHugh Sends Heartfelt Message To Houston

Collin McHugh has been a part of the Houston Astros organization since 2014 and he's given every ounce of himself to our city. As we are grateful for his help brining this city together through Astros baseball...this message may bring a tear to your eye and chills to your skin. Houston, Before 2014... Read More

Miranda Lambert Talks Secret Marriage & Love At First Sight

Miranda Lambert is very normal and thinks it's crazy that people care so much about her private/personal life according to her new interview with People Magazine. In the interview, she talks about meeting her love outside of Good Morning America studios before one of her performances. When asked if... Read More

(Video) Cody Johnson Gives Chills With WS National Anthem

Texans went wild when we found out Cody Johnson would be singing the National Anthem at game 7 of the World Series and he did not disappoint. I went to the game but got there just before the first pitch so I missed the live performance of the anthem. However, thanks to the Internet I found a full... Read More

(Video) Blanco Brown Greets Astros Fans At Minute Maid Park

Blanco Brown has seen amazing success with his recent earworm "The Git Up" and he just released his debut album Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs. He took some time out of his busy schedule to come to Houston to watch the Astros Game 6 last night and greeted some fans who recognized him on his way... Read More

Stupider Than George Stories

#1 - Clown Arrested After Leaving Car Keys At Scene Of Crime: The Akron Beacon Journal claims the Akron, Ohio police recently arrested a clown after he returned to the scene of his crime at a Church's Chicken restaurant. Alonzo Morton was armed when he robbed the restaurant while wearing a clown... Read More