Cody Johnson

[Video] Cody Johnson Honors Santa Fe Victims With Touching Speech

It's impossible not to get emotional, thank you COJO!

May 21, 2018

The Santa Fe High School high school tragedy that took place last Friday has thouched millions in our city, our country, and around the world. The faces of the victims and their families will forever be engraved in our hearts and our very own Cody Johnson wanted to make sure that every person attending his show joined him with the sentiment. 

Those of us that have had the opportunity to attend his concerts know that COJO loves to pay respect to all military members and first responders at some point during his set.  This past weekend, Cody made sure to include a tribute to the victims of the Santa Fe shooting with a few heartfelt words and a moment of silence. 

Check it out:

Cody Johnson is one of a kind and it is moments like these that remind us how lucky we are to have him be a part of our country music family. I cannot begin to describe the emotions I felt watching this video, chills down my spine and tears in my eyes. What an unbelievably BEAUTIFUL moment. We are all Santa Fe Strong.