RodeoHouston 2021 Full Show Plans Are Underway

RodeoHouston 2021 Full Show Plans Are Underway

September 28, 2020
RodeoHouston Nick - Chris Young

Let's face it, we were all extremely let down by the RodeoHouston cancellation earlier this year but it was done in the best interest of the whole. Say what you want about the pandemic but had we had Rodeo there's a strong chance we would have been far worse off and to that point, we're thankful to be alive and well and able to look forward to a new year!

To catch you up (in case you've been busy) there's a new President of RodeoHouston! His name is Chris Boleman and he went on the RodeoHouston YouTube channel a couple of weeks ago and did a full interview about how Rodeo plans to move forward in 2021! 

Their plans include the exhibitors and livestock show. Even if they have to recreate the experience in some way the mission will remain the same. Committment to Education, Youth & Agriculture.


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#StaySafeForRodeo. #rodeohouston #HMGT JC/GP. come on committee membership #letsdothis

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You can post your photos on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram to take the #StaySafeForRodeo pledge! 

As long as we follow all of the local guidelines: mask up, wash up, back up and we can buckle up in 2021 like we love to do!