Jason Aldean blasts back at mask-shamers on Disney family photo: 'Chill out lady'

'Stop over analyzing'

October 26, 2020

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Amid the break in touring, Country star Jason Aldean packed up the family for a trip to the “Most Magical Place on Earth,” which has opened its gates to visitors during a phased reopening with enhanced health, safety and social distancing measures in effect.

What should have been a beautiful day in the Florida sun turned into social media drama when Jason and his wife Brittany, along with son Memphis, and daughters Kendyl, Keeley, and Navy posted a family photo online with the whole crew smiling in their Mickey tees at Walt Disney World. On the since-deleted photo, It seems some commenters, who were not at the park with the Aldeans at the time, were upset about those beaming smiles – specifically that they weren’t covered up with their required masks.

"There is Nothing like seeing ur kids faces when u walk in that place," Jason captioned the photo taken outside of the Avatar ride, but one particularly upset fan certainly didn’t agree with his sentiment.

"Wtf are your masks? Everyone is required to wear them? WTH who do you think you are? I’ll never buy your music ever!!!" the user commented.

Jason responded saying, "Chill out lady. They are in our pocket. We took them off for 5 seconds to take the pic. Believe me, Disney didn't give us a 'free pass' not to wear them. We had them on all day just like everybody else."

He capped off his clap-back saying, to "just enjoy the picture" and asked that they "stop over analyzing." It's worth mentioning that Brittany also posted the photo on her account, with the disclaimer "Only took masks off for pic."

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Jason recently told us what he's been up to while he powers through the pause in touring due to the global pandemic. Aside from working on new music, which he announced with a photo from the studio on social media, he's been enjoying family time in the new home he and Brittany built just outside of Nashville, working out all of the normal kinks like sticky doors and mowing lawns, and spending tons of quality time with the family.

"I'm so used to being on the road so much, that being at home as much as I have, it's been odd but it's also been cool. I get to be at home and be at my kid's ball games and putting my kid's to bed at night," he told RADIO.COM's Katie Neal.

He's also got a pretty incredible Halloween costume idea that involves the whole family. We just hope he can convince everyone to go along for the ride -- and that they wear masks over their masks whey they post a photo online!

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