I'm Listening: Brett Eldredge Says Having 'Anxieties and Worries Are the Most Human Thing There Is'

'Open up to the fact that you’re not going to be perfect'

September 17, 2020

Brett Eldredge is the first to say that “nobody has it completely figured out.”

When speaking about the multitude of mental health moments we may face, the Country singer believes that “anxieties and worries and a lot of mental health problems are the most human thing there is.”

The singer normalizes the various mental health states we all cope with on the day to day by sharing the idea that mental health is simply part of the human experience.

The Country star also touches upon his own moments with handling his mental health. “We’re all just humans trying to get through this daily grind, and it’s like it doesn’t have to be a grind as much if you’d be more vulnerable and open up to the fact that you’re not going to be perfect,” Brett wisely tells us.

He continues, “I’m a perfectionist so that’s one of my major problems of why I have so much anxiety.”

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