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Cole Swindell's New Music Video Will Have You Reminiscing About High School Years

'The Ones Who Got Me Here' is the purest example of gratitude.

May 30, 2018

Music is one of the most powerful forms of expression, in my opinion, music is one of the only things that can transport you to the past, to the future, and has the ability to change your mood one verse at a time. Cole Swindell is one of those guys that has always made me feel something truly special after listening to his music.

Cole's latest music video for 'The Ones Who Got Me Here' is not the exception to the rule, as soon as I heard it I was thinking back to my own high school days. I immediately saw myslef in the locker room before the homecoming game and getting my heart broken before the dance. I made me thankful for every moment that led me to where I am today.

The sentiment of the song is that of gratitude and appreciation, it is recognizing all of the friends, family memebers, tearchers, and other individuals that contributed to the singer's success. Hard no to think back and feel the need to thank all of the folks that had an impact in my life that led me to this moment, to this article. 

Be prepare to reminisce on your high school years, check out the song below:

What do you think about this song? I would love to get your feedback.