#StupiderThanGeorge: Ninja Skills And Jesus Made Her Do It!These folks are "All Foam and No Beer"
MORNING BULL: Waco Zoo Has Target Gift Registry for OrangutanThis Texas Zoo is Getting International Attention on "MONKEY DAY"!!
Luke Bryan Wants To Sing About You!
We Found Cyber Monday Deals You MUST Check OutWe think they are pretty great deals, but you're the one spending the money... so what do you think?
Watermelon Flavored Oreo Cookie Anyone? The makers of the beloved Oreo cookie have decided to give it a more fruity flavor. So leave that delicious chocolate cookie and creme filling aside and let's go...tropical, shall we?
Corey's Diary June 17th, 2013: Redneck Riviera Is Up & RunningIt was quite the eventful weekend.
Oops Alert! The Name National Retailer Gives Dress Offends Many Perhaps someone at Target missed the "Mohandas K. Gandhi Sensitivity training class" or really did not think before naming a dress; needless to say that Target missed the target when offering a product to their consumers.
Katt Williams Is In trouble With The Police! Here's Corey's Dirt.
[Video] What Is This Grandma Doing?The latest video to go viral on YouTube is one with a little old grandma riding her scooter in Target. The thing is she isn't just riding in a scooter that has made this video so popular. Watch and see!
Carrie Underwood Sings "Good Girl" With The PS22 Chorus In NYCarrie recently had the opportunity to stop by the PS22 Chorus in Staten Island, NY where she was treated to a performance of a few of her songs. She even ended up singing along with them on her latest hit single "Good Girl."
Corey's Diary March 5th, 2012: I Learned A Lot This Weekend
Here's The Offensive Whitney Houston Card Target Stores Had To Pull

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