A New Law Passed That Would Fine People For "Sagging" Their PantsA city has now made "sagging" your pants illegal!
South Carolina Gets The Rare Treat Of A Fire Rainbow (Photos)Click here to see the awesome pictures of the "Fire Rainbow" in South Carolina!
[EXCLUSIVE PHOTO] Houston Resident's Confederate Flag Burned While Flying At HouseEnough is Enough, This Argument Has Gone Too Far!
Alleged Charleston Shooter's Manifesto Paints Twisted PictureClick here to find the disturbing manifesto of alleged Charleston Shooter Dylan Proof.
East Texas Firefighter Fired After Facebook Post About Charleston ShootingClick here to see what a firefighter in East Texas said about Charleston, South Carolina on Facebook that got him fired!
Woman Jailed For Letting 9 Year Old Play In The Park Alone
Kip Moore Moves From South Carolina To El Salvador!Kip will visit El Salvador in early October and then Kauai in late October.
The Most Popular Girl Scout Cookies Were Stolen!Who would steal from little girls? I mean Thin Mints are my favorite Girl Scout cookies, but they're only about $5 a box. Five dollars makes it totally worth the sweet indulgence of chocolate mints!
Toddler Explains Call Made At Outback Bowl [VIDEO] The phrase "out of the mouth of babes" really takes on new and layered meaning as a three-year-old explains a football call during the Outback Bowl.
Finally We Find Out Who She Is
Randy Houser's Bus Catches On Fire!

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