Wait, The Average Person Only Spends How Much On Valentine's Day?
Apple Faces $999 Billion Lawsuit That's Approximately $1,700 Per UserApple may be sending out some checks to it's users one day!
(Photo) Man Crashes Luxury Ferrari An Hour After Buying ItThis was a very expensive mistake.
Teacher Shortage In Hawaii Opens 1,600 Jobs For Those Willing To RelocateSpecial Ed, Secondary Math & Secondary Science teachers get a bonus!
Facebook Is Opening The Door To Begin Charging Users A FeeThe door is open all they have to do is walk through it.
CAN I GET AN AMEN: Struggling Teenager Returns Wallet With $2300 Dollars InsideAnd What He Said To His Mom After Returning The Money - is THE BEST!
CAN I GET AN AMEN:THE MORNING BULL shares an "Random Act Of Kindness (and Cash)" from a Texas Man!
[Watch] Some Of The Most Expensive Mishaps Of All Time On VideoSay bye bye to that brand new boat and million dollar vehicle...oops!
Harriet Tubman To Replace Andrew Jackson On $20 BillThe announcement to be made on Wednesday afternoon!
Company Offers To Let You Buy Things With Your Good Looks Via SelfieYep, your good looks are finally worth something!
Three Winning Powerball Tickets Sold, $1.6 Billion Jackpot To Be SplitThe winning tickets were sold in Florida, Tennessee and California.
Nifty Chart Shows Where Your Income Ranks You In HoustonSee where you rank in Houston with your household income numbers!

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