#TenManJam Lineup: Cody Johnson - Midland - Gary Allan - Old Dominion - Lee Brice - Michael Ray - Kip Moore - Chris Janson - Aaron Watson - Dustin Lynch!
(Photo) See The Man Who Is Upset That His Face Tattoo Makes Him UnemployableAre you really surprised?
Guy Sent Home For Wearing Shorts To Work Because Of The Heat, So Goes Back In Wearing A Dress
New Study Says 50% Of ALL Jobs Will Be Replaced By Robots in Next 20 Years [Is Yours On The List]Good News for Us....Radio DJ is only at 10% Chance!
The Five Most Common Lies We Tell About Our Weekend . . . To Make It Seem More Exciting
7 Signs You're About To Get Fired
10 Things On Your Facebook Page That Could Cost You That New Job
Do This To Make More Money In Your Job Or Stand To Lose 1/2 Of It
Corey's Diary December 10th, 2013: I'm A Little Punchy
Yes or No? A Woman Says Her Good Looks Ruined Her CareerHow can you NOT feel sympathy for this poor woman? Thirty-three year-old Laura Fernee of London is just TOO GOOD LOOKING.
Pizza In 30 Minutes Or Less Is An UnderstatementHeld at gunpoint and left without a car... talk about dedication!
Aldi Announces Houston Area Store Openings, Hiring FairsAre you looking for a job and you have a background in grocery store retail? Then perhaps employment with Aldi is within your future.
Seven Bad Habits That Drive Your Co-Workers CrazyWe've seen lists before about all the ways you're annoying your co-workers, but Monster.com has a new one that's pretty good. You probably heard some of these before, but here are seven bad habits that drive your co-workers crazy.

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