Garth Brooks Makes HUGE Announcement!Garth Brooks got everyone talking this afternoon when he sent out a cryptic tweet about Houston and how he was making a huge announcement!
Check Out The Carrie Underwood DJ Earworm MashupDJ Earworm is great at creating mashups. Typically he mashes up the most popular pop songs, but this time he served up a great mash up of Carrie Underwood's greatest hits.
Is Taylor Swift's New Video Racist?Taylor Swift's new song 'Shake it Off' may not be a country song, but it's certainly a darn good one. This catchy tune has even sparked some controversy that the video is racist. We'll let you watch and decide.
Erin Austin's Blog: Don't Put All Your Eggs In One BasketIt's a saying that most of us heard as a child from our mothers. It's a saying that I believe men follow and women DON'T! Well at least women don't follow when it comes to relationships. We tend to be "all in" everytime.
Erin Austin's Blog: My Life Is OVER! This morning I received some terrible news! It's devastating. I know a lot of women would be devastated to with this news. It's the type of news that has me sad enough to drink an entire bottle of wine by myself.

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