#TenManJam Lineup: Cody Johnson - Midland - Gary Allan - Old Dominion - Lee Brice - Michael Ray - Kip Moore - Chris Janson - Aaron Watson - Dustin Lynch!
Morning Bull: MISSED CONNECTIONS - Nerd Alert, Clean Up in Aisle 5 & Calling Dr. LoveLightsabers, Kid Barf and On-Site Back Adjustments - See Your Love Life Isn't So Bad!
STUPIDER THAN GEORGE: Feces Marking Fishing Spots & Pepper Sauce on Thongs [NSFW Pics]An Especially NASTY Couple Of Dudes on This Week's Edition!
Top 15 Crazy Women's NamesHere's the top 15 names of crazy women!
Woman Faces Outrage For Breastfeeding Baby At Her Graduation ( + PICS )
5 Go Pro Videos That Will Blow Your Mind
World Record Broken at Starbucks in Dallas
Do Women Really Over Analyze Texts? Here's Proof
Are You Crazy? Your Name Says You Are!Are you crazy? Well...your name might have something to do with it. Here's a list of the Top 15 Names of Crazy People.
Brutal Truth: 'My Girlfriend's Roommate Is A Possible Deal-Breaker'They haven't said the "L" word, and won't until something is done with her room mate. Is that a deal breaker?
Danielle Bradbery's Secret Crush RevealedShe was definitely put on the spot during a recent interview.
Taylor Swift Admits She Will Only Date Guys She Can Write AboutTaylor says, "The only love worth being in is the love worth singing about."
We Spend Too Much Time With Apps On Our PhoneAngry Birds, Candy Crush, Words With Friends... 30% of people can not go without their apps!

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