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Funeral/Procession Info For LCpl Ruben Vega Jr’s Services

Houston, we need your help! This is a CALL TO ACTION: Here’s what we have for LCpl Ruben Vega Jr’s funeral today! GENERAL PUBLIC: For everyone wanting to pay their tribute to this Marine and […]


Houston High Water Locations/Road Closures 8-8-17

Here is the current list of high water locations for the Greater Houston Area courtesy of Houston Transtar Bauer Rd Hockley, TX High Water IH-45 NORTH Northbound At N MAIN ST Right Shoulder,Right Lane,Center Lane […]


[VIDEO]: Watch JJ Watt Get Viciously Attacked by Wild Raccoon

This little dude must be a Cowboys fan? HAHA! No way… but he does love his JJ doll… hope JJ recovers before the season starts y’all! If you’re not following me on my page up […]


Spring Texas Whataburger Comes Through For Local Heroes

Earlier this week after the Spring Fire Dept wrapped up fighting a 3 alarm fire… they did what any red blooded Texan would do after such a big event… they hit the local Whataburger at […]


Free Adoptions At Local Animal Shelter

Hey, it’s your buddy Cowboy Dave! This is a BIG deal y’all… My critter family continues to grow almost every day! If you’re like me and you can’t get enough of the fur family in […]


Bull Shark Found In Lake Near Liberty County

So this guy in Liberty County says that he found the decomposing body of a shark in Twin Lakes on Tuesday. This doesn’t sound so farfetched to me because Bull Sharks will swim up rivers […]


Leaving A Dog In A Hot Car In Texas: Go Directly To Jail

That’s the way it should be… right? Our beloved state really has no specific law about leaving a dog to die in a hot car! I see it all the time and I’ve been seeing […]


Tropical Storm Cindy High Water Locations 6/22/2017

Considering last night’s “non-event” with “tropical storm Cindy” it’s amazing that the local news outlets are still “tracking” her! Just so ya know… we do have some flooded roads and some mud on the roads […]


Bolivar Under Voluntary Evacuation- Locals Not Concerned! “This Is TEXAS!”

We were laughin’ our butts off this mornin’ hearing some of the local Bolivar interviews on KHOU 11 News. It’s just further proof that we really do have that “COME AND TAKE IT” attitude here […]


Stop Snuggling With Chickens (It Could Kill You)

Or at least make you really sick according to the CDC! Chickens: The pet that poops breakfast! That’s still probably my favorite shirt! It’s true though… my girls lay scrumptious eggs and they are FREE!! […]


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