Nick Russo

Nick Russo
Nick Russo was born & raised in the 3rd oldest town in Texas, Goliad, along HWY 59 between a beer joint and a gas station/truck stop. His back yard was a pasture and his front yard was 50 yards shy of the highway. After graduating from Goliad High School he moved to Corpus Christi, Texas to pursue a pre-med degree at Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi. Nick was working part-time at Domino’s Pizza as a delivery driver when he started calling one of the local radio stations and giving impromptu traffic reports. After several days of hearing his reports on the radio he decided to go meet the dj who kept playing his reports and this turned into his first job in radio.

Nick spent 9 years in Corpus Christi on the radio and eventually made his move to San Antonio. After 3 years in San Antonio he was given an opportunity to join the CBS Radio family in Houston.  He spent the next 10 months (and counting) on the radio 7 days a week; sometimes, working 2 shifts a day, one on The Bull and another on their sister station Hot 95.7.

Russo has a daughter named Katherine Nicole and he currently lives on the edge of Houston and Cypress in Willowbrook. In his free-time you may find him at the gym lifting weights and doing cardio. His favorite foods range from BBQ to Vietnamese cuisine or sushi and his weaknesses are tacos and ice cream. Hobbies and past times include reading books on philosophy, making abstract oil paintings, playing golf, going on road trips and going to the casino.

You can find Nick on every avenue of social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Tumblr. His blog can be found on The Bull’s website where he writes about daily news, funny stories, crazy stories, local events and op-ed pieces. Feel free to connect with Nick at any time!

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