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Keepin’ The Kardashians out of Houston

I just kan’t help myself (See what I did there?)


Mo’s Bull Sheet: JJ Watt’s Heartbreak

I almost don’t want to confirm this story out of fear of breaking JJ’s heart


Mo’s Bull Sheet: Sam Dekker Melts Our Hearts

We can all stay extra excited to welcome Sam Dekker to the Rockets!


Chris Pratt Jurassic World

The World’s Obsession: Jurassic World – All Because of Eric Church

Has Eric Church even seen Jurassic World?


Any Tips For Getting To The Front Of This Line?

When a show on the Food Network surveys thousands of people and comes up with a Top 5 list.  People listen. A new Food Network series called Top 5 Restaurants features places across the country that rank in the top 5 of their specific category…ya know like burgers, tacos, steak, ice cream. Monday night’s episode […]


Mo’s Bull Sheet: Little Dogs Save Lives!

It’s like a real life Beverly Hills Chihuahua (Am I the only one who saw that movie?)


Forget Alligators, Check Out The Little Guy That Could Actually Kill You This Summer

Humans: we’re mostly safe. Gators eat cats!


Mo’s Bull Sheet: Ben And Jerry’s Truck Prowlin’ Blue Bell Terrority

Can’t we all just be ice cream friends? Nope? Ok, well I tried


Every day is Taco Day!

Check out he local taco that’s getting famous for it’s unusual nature.


Mo’s Bull Sheet: Help Me Catch A Bad Guy!

We must protect oursevles and our hard earned money. Let’s not let the criminals win!




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