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Corey Dillon is more than just your typical guy in Houston with an average beard, at best. He’s quite possibly the most passionate radio personality in the Lone Star State. When he isn’t preparing or talking on-air you can catch him watching the game at a sports bar, catching concerts from small venues to NRG, trying local grub and breweries (please send me recommendations!!!), or walking along the Buffalo Bayou pondering life’s toughest questions, for example, is eating a hot-dog on a bun actually a sandwich?

His Texas two-step is in need of some improvement, so if you see him on the dance floor making a fool of himself, don’t hesitate to show him a thing or two. In the grand scheme of things he only hopes his love of music and over-preparation for his 5 hour show will lead to your entertainment….and maybe satisfy his own obsession of talking into the microphone. You can hear him hosting The Bull After Dark 7pm to Midnight weeknights on 100.3 The Bull.

Do You Believe Skittles Are All The Same Flavor?

I can’t believe I never figured this out! There has been multiple occasions where I have put all different flavors of Skittles in my mouth at once and I thought I figured out this amazing Skittles secret cocktail and in the end it taste that dang good because they are all the same flavor! And […]

33 mins ago

Boil Water Notice Issued For Pearland Residents

I just received a snapchat from a friend about her washing her brand new sheets in contaminated water, and I was like what?!?! So digging in on Twitter I found out that The City of Pearland has issued a boil water notice after a major equipment failure at a water production facility. Officials said if […]


Wait, There’s A Job Opening For A Chicken Nugget Tasting Expert?

I was always curious if I was forced to make a career change, what the heck would I be qualified for?! And I found it! CHICKEN NUGGET EXPERT! A grocery store chain in England listed a job titled “Chicken Nugget Connoissuer.” It does not mention what the pay is, it is part-time, but you’d get […]


Happy 75th Birthday Ronnie Milsap!

Country legend Ronnie Milsap turned 75 today just a few days before he is set to take the stage in Houston. January 26th, you can see him live at Stampede Houston! Get your tickets at Happy Birthday Ronnie!


Chris Stapleton Returning To ‘SNL’ While Will Ferrell Hosts

Set your DVR, Chris Stapleton taking the ‘SNL’ stage for the first time since 2016 Saturday January 27th, with one of my all-time Saturday Night Live alumni hosting, Will Ferrell. Last time Stapleton was musical guest, he did not appear in any sketches, but I am hoping this time is different! The episode is one […]


The 6 Most Common Things Drunk People Do At Bars

First things first, I will not openly admit to how many of these I have done, but a survey asked bartenders the most common drunken behaviors they see. And the list goes like this 6. Passing out in the bar. 48% of bartenders have seen this happen. 5. Getting into a physical fight. 61% 4. […]


Facebook Making Major Change To News Feed And We Should All Be Happy

Facebook announced today that it’s going to start showing its users more posts from their friends and family in their News Feed, which will result in less posts from brands and publishers. For people like you and I this is great, we get to spend more time seeing and interacting with things we care about. […]


Woman Returns Dead Christmas Tree To Costco

This is just insane to me. A guy in California posted a photo of a woman returning her Christmas tree to Costco (FYI on JANUARY 4TH!). The reason she said she was returning it….are you ready for this? “Because it’s dead” What?!?!? And guess what, after an argument, Costco gave her a refund. I can’t […]


JJ Watt On Vacation In Italy And Ran Into A Texans Fan

J.J. Watt and his girlfriend Kealia Ohai flew out to Italy a few days ago for vacation and on Sunday they ran into a Houston Texans fan wearing a Texans hat and J.J. Watt’s signature sneakers. Watt posted a video on his Instagram story introducing the fan, Kevin, and even signed his sneakers for him. That […]


Channelview’s Jalen Hurts Class Act In Interview After National Championship Game

Last night was the college football National Championship game, and prior to learning this little nugget, I didn’t have that much rooting interest between the two teams. But I found out that the starting quarterback for Alabama is 19-year-old Jalen Hurts from Channelview, TX. So naturally, I had to root for him. The good news, […]



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