By Robyn Collins

Country music icon Dolly Parton was honored at the Library of Congress on Tuesday, Feb. 27 to celebrate the 100 millionth book donated through her non-profit organization, Imagination Library.

The singer joked that she never thought of being called “the book lady,” joking that she might have been called “the painted lady.”

Parton read and sang the words from her autobiographical children’s book, Coat of Many Colors, to a group of children at the celebration.

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The star also explained that she was thinking of her father who could never read or write, but was the “smartest man she ever knew,” when she started the initiative.

The “book lady” has been donating one book per month to children in need through her Imagination Library for 20 years. Each child receives 60 books, which are delivered by mail, one per month until they reach 5 years old.

The foundation currently sends out 1 million books per month.

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