By George

Turnt Granny needs lots of love (Pasadena) Woman for Man, Age: 59

This may be crazy but here goes. I’m 59, divorced, self- employed, educated, attractive, articulate and I know right from wrong. I want to grow old with you sitting on our Pasadena Porch, taking vacations, road trips and just enjoying each other.

It’s NOT ok to send pictures of your private parts. I’m a professional business woman who’d prefer you not put your bits out there for anyone to see…

If you’re NOT willing to close your dating sites and tell the ladies you’ve BEEN talking to that you met someone then I am not the girl for you.

I will never say NO,,,. I’ll keep it “turnt”‘up for you baby. But if you need more than me… keep it moving honey!! I ain’t the one.


…Woman for Man…Court Neighbor…N Shepard.

She says…

“We sat next to each other at the courthouse.  I asked you for the time (even though there was already a clock behind the courtroom). I think we were both pretty shy. My case got dismissed, so I left…but I didn’t leave you.  You were pretty cute, but what are the chances of you even reading this?  Reply with what you were wearing ANDDD let me know what you were there for.

…Very responsible of ya, girlfriend.  Haha!  Ain’t no one got time for a criminal.”   ❤


Creeped out and in love in Houston

WFM 42

So it’s Saturday night and 3 a.m… and I’m bored!  Occasionally I read the “missed connections” on craigslist for Poops n’ giggles. And I have to say that nearly every single one by a guy all has the same saying “we made eye contact.”

Its kind of scary to think that just giving a guy eye contact makes them believe you’re interested in them, even in just a smile back. Guys you need to understand that there are just friendly people out there who are not giving you a signal by eye contact and smiles.

If it’s a wink or I slap your butt…  MAYBE, but these ads are downright creepy sounding and pre-verted.

With that said… I was in Walmart off of 290 at noon and made eye contact with maybe the sexiest man I’ve ever seen! I had fallen off of the Barbie bike I was test driving… I was on my back… we locked eyes and you just kept walking! I love you!


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