One of the most important days of the year is without a doubt, the day the new set of Emojis get released. Like when am I going to be able to send that damn hippo emoji?! Well that question has just been answered!

The Unicode Consortium is who regulates the official set of emojis and they just finished the list of 157 new emojis set for this year, which should be available on our phones by summer or fall.

Here are some of the new things you can expect:

1-     6 new faces, including a hot face, and cold face, and one that’s partying.

2-    FINALLY showing red heads some love with men’s and women’s face with red hair, brown curly hair, and white hair. And even BALD faces so you don’t to improvise with the moon or volleyball emoji!

3-    Superheroes and supervillians with different skin tones and hairstyles

4-    Legs, feet, a bone, and a tooth

5-    New animals including a raccoon, hippo, kangaroo, swan, and peacock

6-    Some random things like a skateboard, teddy bear, cupcake, softball, receipt, magnet, ball of yarn, sponge, toilet paper, and a pirate flag.

Here’s a video with a look at all of them!


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