The “Oxford English Dictionary” is over 130 years old, and in this day and age it’s always comical to see some of the words that they add to it.

Here are some of the most notable words along with their definitions:

Hangry:     a state of anger caused by lack of food.

Mansplain:      explaining something needlessly, overbearingly, or condescendingly, typically when addressing a woman, in a manner thought to reveal a patronizing or chauvinistic attitude.

Swag:     bold self-assurance in style or manner, an air of great self-confidence or superiority.

Me time:      time devoted to doing what one wants, typically on one’s own, as opposed to working or doing things for others.

Snowflake:     a person characterized as overly sensitive or easily offended, or as feeling entitled to special treatment or consideration.

Aunt Flo:      informal, used to refer to a woman’s menstrual period.

To see the full list CLICK HERE


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