By Mo

***…Nicole Kidman is a huge name on her own but she just so happens to be married to one of our biggest names in our world, Keith Urban.  And let me just tell yall, as if you didn’t already know, Keith Urban is a very lucky man.

…SO Vanity Fair magazine does a video segment online called “Secret Talent Theatre” and it features some of the world’s top actors revealing their hidden talents.  Nicole Kidman has a UNIQUE hidden talent: the ability to eat bugs! Without gagging.

…You want to take her seriously, sittin’ all proper like in a dress made for a fancy date night dinner out, but then she uses her chopsticks to eat her appetizer: LIVE hornworms.  She dangles the bright turquoise-colored wormy things in front of her mouth saying, “Mmm. Extraordinary. Very moist. Chewy. Can’t quite describe the flavor. I need a little water.”

…Up next, mealworms.  WHAT?!  Nicole says, “I’m telling you. I’d win Survivor.” Haaahahahaha!  I’d watch!

…Her following two dishes included crickets and fried grasshoppers and I can hardly watch anymore until she describes the crickets, “Ah! Awesome. Like nothing you’ve ever tasted. Like a hairy nut. And not from the shell.”

…I cannot go on.  Nicole Kidman wins.  She’s perfect.  I love her too, Keith.  This puts all of those crazy divorce rumors to BED!  Keith, you’re a lucky man.  ❤


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