By George

One of the  little known or talked facts about Houston is the amazing arts/theatre scene here – and it’s not just shows – Romy McCloskey is a costume designer by training, with a specialty in intricate bead work that demands precision.

But ya never know when those skills come in handy in real

A few weeks ago, Romy saw her house cat swatting at them some Monarch Butterfly Coccons, thinking they were toys.

Well the cat had knocked a couple of the cocoons  and so she rushed the cat away and pick up one of the cocoons and it had a crack in it.  Romy said all she could think was,  “…please don’t let it die.’ ”

So she placed in a window and watched it and in a couple of days, the cracked cocoon butterfly started to emerge, but it came out of the cracked cocoon with a bad damaged wing and was unable to fly.

So Romy, had abrainstorm – she got our her costume design supplies and all the intricate needles and  she actually performed surgery on the injured monarch’s wings, saved its life and allowed it to fly away.\

READ IT ALL HERE: Buzzfeed’s reporting is here!

Romy said, “Hopefully he’s having a margarita down in Mexico with his buddies,” said McCloskey, because the monarchs  are famous for their migration to Mexico. Monarchs can cover thousands of miles.



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