A new survey has come out from Buzzfeed that has found the rudest things you can do when you text, and for the top three it’s more of a situation you probably shouldn’t text in at all!

How many of these do you find rude?! Or maybe how many of these are you guilty of and just realized you are a rude texter?!

10- Texting long paragraphs, 7% say it’s rude

9- Using a lot of emojis, 11%

8- Texting someone who is in the room, 14%

7- Texting while you walk, 26%

6- Intentionally waiting to respond to a text, 31%

5- Sending a one word response, 33% (this one drives me bananas!)

4- Just replying to a text with a lowercare “k”, 65%

3- Texting while you’re out to dinner with other people, 76%

2- Texting during a movie at a theater, 87%

1- This one is so obvious to me, and if you are having an issue dating, this might be way. 94% of people said texting while on a date is rude!


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