By George

We can’t stand the idea of someone missing out on the love of their life…so each week we comb through Craig’s List Missed Connections for the stories that touch our hearts….

GEORGE: WHITE SNAKE OFF 290 – Male Seeking Female

I’m looking for the girl who has the snake face tattoo. You were hanging outside the Taqueria Ruby off Huffmiester and 290. You have a full on face tat which makes you resemble a snake! I was the overweight motorcycle guy. I told you that I had a tattoo near the crack of my butt that says “I crack myself up”. You laughed when I told you this. Even though you look like a snake, you still turned me on & I know some chicks are into plus size, tough guys. Hopefully you are too. Plus, you have a face tat that makes you look like a snake. You really don’t have the right to be picky now do ya. Hit me up so I can show you my butt tattoo!


MO: …Still Waiting For My Turn…Man for Woman…Katy.  He says…

I spotted you during the concert at Mo’s place this weekend.  You absolutely captivated my attention from the instant I saw you with your light blue jean denim shirt, black pants, and brown boots and that blonde hair. I wanted so bad to talk to you but you were surrounded by guys every second that you were there. You’d finish dancing to one song…then a new guy would ask you to dance…then the next guy.  I just watched the assembly line and realized my best bet was writing you here…which I realize now is pathetic…great. 

(Sir, grow a pair and then we’ll try and make this happen for ya.  Ok?!  ❤)


COWBOY DAVE:  Running in the snow MFW Conroe, TX

I saw you the other night around 3am runnin’ around in the snow that hit us here in Conroe. You were running in boots, shorts, and a turtle neck in the Walmart Parking lot trying to sled on a metal trashcan lid. I’m not sure if you were drunk or just snow blind because although it was snowing… you were trying to slip and slide on wet concrete! I’ve never seen so many sparks in all my life… it was like you had a bottle rocket in your but… It was GLORIOUS! I haven’t felt so Patriotic since the ending of Braveheart! I’ll be at that same Walmart on 45 and Loop 336 tonight… and every night until we meet!

Everyone needs love – including these folks on Missed Connections.



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