(Video) Midland Talks About Their Influence On Country Music

Author: Nick Russo

Of all the artists that sat with me in the Prayer Room at the House of Blues to chat before their performances, I think, Midland was near the top of my list of favorites. This was the first time I’d been able to ask them about all the things I wanted to know and get to know the actual personalities behind the group that has taken the country music world by storm.

We open up with an awkward microphone situation where I gave away my microphone to Mark, the lead singer. Eventually, we delve into the unique monikers (as they would call them) that they all project online. Jess, he’s the family man, Cam, is the creative designer and Mark, is the lead and actor/model of the trio.

The guys opened up about their personal lives and their personal endeavors, goals and focus with this new project of theirs. They have laid it all on the line and it has worked for them! I hope you enjoy the interview!

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