(Video) Lee Brice Talks About The First Christmas Gift He Remembers Getting

Author: Nick Russo

When Lee Brice walked in to the Prayer Room at the House of Blues backstage at Ten Man Jam it was like an old friend had burst through the door. He brought energy and happiness that was contagious, he even offered me a sip of his hot toddy that he had in his cup. (It was delicious.)

We talked about how his life has changed over the last couple of years, his new single, “Boy” and the power of music. The conversation transitioned into a Christmas gift he remembered going crazy about as a kid and his was a brand new FOOTBALL!

Later in his life football became a big part of his life as he played at Clemson. We went into a little talk about the Houston Texans because we have 7 players on our team from his alma mater!

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