#StupiderThanGeorge: Case Beer On My Snapper And Uses For A Pizza Box!

On The Morning Bull show we acknowledge that George does some stupid things…nearly everyday…but we also can admit that there are people who are….


Like this guy….

Drunk Florida man busted for DUI driving lawnmower:

A Florida man was arrested after police caught him drunk driving his lawn mower down a major highway. Police in Port St. Lucie noticed a man driving unsteadily down U.S. Highway 1 on November 3rd. The man, Kenneth Burton Alleshouse, 56, was riding his red, Snapper lawn mower down the road while carrying a case of Budweiser beer.

An officer pulled Alleshouse over and said they clearly detected the smell of alcohol from him. Authorities tested the suspect’s blood alcohol level, it was at least three times above the legal limit. So The dude was arrested for driving under the influence and for being #StupiderThanGeorge


And this….

PIZZA BOX AS A LICENSE PLATE….that would a no go…ghost rider!

Pizza for Lunch, Fine, Pizza for Dinner, Great…Pizza for breakfast…sure – but A Pizza box as a license plate…NO WAY!  NBC News claims the Hopkinton, Massachusetts police recently cited a driver for making a homemade license plate out of a PIZZA BOX. The man fastened a pizza box to his back bumper before drawing his license plate numbers on it with a green marker. The man was charged with attaching fake license plates and driving an unregistered vehicle and for being #StupiderThanGeorge.

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