By George

Highlighting The GOOD News & Recognizing The Positive…

According to ABC NEWS, An animal shelter in Florida has sprinkled some “Harry Potter”-inspired magic into its dog adoption process.  One of the biggest issues of getting dogs adopted is that people pay too much attention to BREED OF DOG rather than the dog’s personality or behavior.

“We want people to understand what they want in a dog and what will work in their lifestyle rather than going into a shelter and saying, ‘I want a black Lab,’” Bardy said. “We want people to start talking about their own lifestyles and personalities and allow us to match a dog to them not based on looks or breed.”

The CREATIVE THINKERS at the shelter created an online quiz for dog owners.  The quiz matches you up with a dog who’s personality fits yours based on one of the four houses inspired by the Hogwarts houses made famous in The Harry Potter Books

Much as the Sorting Hat did at Hogwarts, Pet Alliance staffers divide adoptable dogs into the houses of Gryffindogs (Gryffindor), Ravenpaw (Ravenclaw), Hufflefluff (Hufflepuff) or Slobberin (Slytherin), based on their personalities. Employees observe the dogs interacting with toys and other dogs before assigning them to a house, the shelter said.

Hardy reports the shelter has seen a significant spike…In the last week alone, 23 dogs were adopted from “Harry Potter”-themed houses.

So wherever you in the kitchen or in the car….throw you hand in the air – CAN I GET AN AMEN>

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