Blake Shelton Opens Up About Family Life With Gwen Stefani

Author: Nick Russo

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to fly to Los Angeles to talk to Blake Shelton about his new album, Texoma Shore.  He was genuinely easy to talk to and get along with and really knows how to tell a great story. Up until now we’d only heard gossip columnists opinions as to what goes on in Blake and Gwen’s daily life together.

I sat with Blake for an hour and we laughed, joked and got awkward. Blake’s dry sense of humor comes through and his love for Gwen and the effect she has on him are very real as you can tell in these clips.

  1. Would have a younger Blake Shelton gone on The Voice
  2. Blake’s favorite song on the album
  3. Blake’s Daily Life
  4. Song About Gwen
  5. Blake Before He Had “Money”

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