Newest TEXAS Superhero – WhataWoman [See All Pics Here]

Author: George

It’s A Fry!

It’s A Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit!

It’s Whatawoman!

We love this (and even though she’s in Fort Worth), we think she is AWESOME!

WFAA reported:

Well, her real name is Renee Fujii, and she is taking social media by storm and drawing stares of affection on the streets of Fort Worth with a Halloween costume that pays tribute to Whataburger, her favorite fast food restaurant.

Fujii combined the crime-fighting spirit of Wonderwoman and the deliciousness of the famous, Texas-based hamburger chain.

“It definitely took a little planning,” said Fujii, a west Fort Worth resident and recruiting manager for Redfin, a residential real estate brokerage.

“I definitely made lots of trips to Whataburger, and I asked them for extra cups, plastic bags and apple pie containers.”


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