FIRST PITCH: 7-Year-Old With 3-D Printed Hand To Throw Out World Series First Pitch

Author: George

The little girl who is throwing out tomorrow night’s first pitch at the World Series has stolen our hearts.

CBS NEWS (KHOU-11) gave us the full story:

Hailey Dawson, a 7-year-old with big league potential. The second grader was born with a rare condition known as Poland syndrome, leaving her without three fingers on her right hand.

Hailey Dawson

With a traditional prosthetic potentially costing thousands of dollars, Haley’s mom, Yong, turned for help near their hometown, reaching out to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

….they got to work using a 3-D printer. Several prototypes and fittings later, Hailey got her first hand three years ago just in time for Halloween.

“They had the little pumpkin thing for her so she was able to hold it and walk around with it,” Yong said. She said that was awesome, but “the coolest part for me though was watching her hold her dad’s hand.”

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