Justin Moore Talks Halloween & The Cutest Kid’s Costume Pic EVER!

Author: Mo

Justin Moore is kinda like us…he isn’t a fan of Halloween, but somehow he’s known for hosting one of the biggest Halloween parties in Country Music.  Because he’s whipped.

…Justin said he’s hated Halloween since a kid, but after marrying his wife, of 10 years now, he has no choice but to celebrate.  Because it is her absolute favorite!

…He said Kate is obsessed with the holiday so for the past 5 years now, they’ve thrown a blowout party at their house and all the adults show up in costume.  This year, invitations went out to about 150 people with the closing line on the invite…”no costume, no entry.’ And this will be the first year that they’ll do the Halloween party at their new house, so Justine Moore says it’s liable to get “real stupid.”  I’m excited to see his costume as he seems to be slowly warming up to the idea of the holiday.

…BUT it probably has a lot to do with his kiddos.  Yall…he just posted a pic of his babies in superhero outfits where his youngest daughter appears to be throwing quite the little fit hitting her other sisters in the face.  IT MADE MY DAY!❤

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