Talk Show Host Ellen Is Giving Away World Series Tickets At UH Tomorrow

Author: Nick Russo

If you were trying to go to the World Series and realized you couldn’t spare the thousands or the arm & a leg to pay for them then Ellen is coming to the rescue. Details are scant but apparently it’s happening at UH campus tomorrow:

This really seems like a lot of hype over a pair of tickets. I mean, I get it, it’s WORLD SERIES tickets but I can already imagine the lines are going to be ridiculous and I’d be impressed if she showed up. I anticipate it being a camera crew and a staffer but I’m hoping I’m wrong!

Ellen always has a fun way of making something small ginormous so we’ll be excited to see her plan!

Recently, she gave away tickets to the Grammys at UT in Austin and gave fans a short period of time to come up with their best Beyonce costume to win. I have a feeling it’s going to be something similar this time around!

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