“I thought I was going to be tased…” What Happened On George’s Flight!

Author: George

So on my flight Sunday back to Houston.  The dude next to me got on the plane late.

He was talking – loudly on his phone – got in his seat and continued on the phone, even conferenced someone else in on the call – cussing – etc, flight attendant came by twice – told him to get off the phone.

He didn’t!

I look across the aisle and there is a dude, nicely pressed jeans, great boots, sports coat.  I’m thinking AIR MARSHALL.

So, I’m doing my best to stay out of the way – I was on the aisle – the loud talker was by window and I didn’t want to get accidentally tased if things went bad.

He continued talking as we took off and until he was cut off cause we’re 6000 feet in the air.

The fella smelled of booze – and like 5 minutes after the call was cut off,  he was “asleep”.  He sleeps the entire way – we touch down, he dials the phone and starts right back in cussing and stuff.  Now everyone around is getting restless and uncomfortable.

I look at the sharp dressed “air marshall” man across the aisle – he is reaching under his sports coat to what looks like a holster.

Now, I’m convinced I’m gonna get accidentally tased.

The “air marshall” in one swift move whips out…………..HIS PHONE and shows me this…

We both cracked up!  Thanks for Listening #TrueStory

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