(Video) Man Sucker Punches Older Man At Carolina Panther Football Game

Author: Nick Russo

This video made my stomach turn. I was at a sporting event recently when a man tried picking a fight with me and this kind of scenario played through my mind. Unfortunately, this young man didn’t have restraint and let his anger get the best of him.

By way of Instagram, you can see this man’s girlfriend yelling at an older man sitting down and then as the older man points his finger the younger man punches him in the face. As blood begins to trickle the man begins punching again until other fans push him away to stop him.

From last I heard, the man throwing the punches had not been caught but I have a feeling this video is going to make the rounds and result in an arrest, as it should. You can’t go around punching people for any reason.

That’s the thing that bugs me the most. Our country has lost its sense of respect. Respect for elders, respect for one another, respect for ourselves. The man throwing these punches disrespected himself, that man, his girlfriend and the law. as far as I’m concerned.

We have to be better. At some point we gotta stop talking about “Adulting” and actually do it. Being an adult means walking away from confrontation, thinking about your actions and taking the high road.


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