NEW MOVIE REVIEW: The Foreigner – Starring Jackie Chan & Pierce Brosnan

Author: George

I Love Jackie Chan Movies.

My Wife Loves Jackie Chan Movies.

My Boys Love Jackie Chan Movies.

So going into this one, I knew I’d like it….but I didn’t realize how much it would impact me.

The trailer tells the important parts of the setup, dad’s daughter is killed in the a “random bombing” in London, and he wants revenge. I’m sure the recent events were part of the reason, but the seemingly simple premise really hit home…not just for me, but for several folks in the audience.

The losses of recent weeks made the ideal of “what WOULDN’T you do to get justice for your child” cut a little closer to the bone.  And it was that extra weight that really added to the depth of the tried and true, “TAKEN”, formula.  You know, the “dad is secretly a super bad-ass one man wrecking crew” formula.

However, it was Jackie Chan’s age , he’s 63 now,  and aging character that made this more believable.  It became a much darker, gritty tale of a dad honestly trying to get answers in the killing of his daughter.  Jackie Chan is really good, and still kicks major butt.  Also, Pierce Brosnan was EXCELLENT as a good guy/bad guy/not sure guy.

NOW THE RATING – 1-5 Buckets of Popcorn

(Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images)

The Story was a 3.5

Action was a 5

Overall 4

Even Cheapo George – says GO SEE THIS ONE!

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