By Dorian Valenzuela

The fall is finally here and that means that your plans will have to start changing along with the seasons. Just because you will not be able to carry out your traditional summertime activities (for the most part), does not mean that you cannot have an amazing plan for you and your significant other or person of interest. Yes, I know that it is still pretty summer-like outside but it is never to early to prepare!

This is why we are lucky to live down south, to live in the GREAT state of Texas. It does not matter what season of the year we are in, our state is always perfect for a southern, romantic outing. Southern charm at it’s finest!

Here are the TOP 5 Date Night Activities For The Fall:

5. Eat, Drink, and Paint
This is by far one of the most popular ideas for the fall, especially because many restaurants are offering this as an activity. Picture yourself listening to some relaxing music, enjoying a meal with your significant other, and painting your favorite Texas destination. This could be the perfect opportunity to have a nice meal, be a part of a different kind of activity, and hold a conversation with your better half.


4. Biking
There are many nature bike trails in the area to ride down with your significant other. Take pictures together and enjoy the cooler weather(When it arrives). Literally one of the best ways to feel the love in the air.


3. Baking
Okay, lets be honest, everyone enjoy the food that comes along with the fall. The weather changes and the holidays that come with it are usually accompanied by delicious pastries. Why not have a movie night and bake some treats that can be enjoyed together while watching a good movie on Netflix? I hear that couples are particularly enjoying staying in and watching Netflix nowadays.


2. Pumpkin Carving
This is one of my favorites for sure, carving pumpkins is perfect to contribute to the decorations around the house and yards, but also the perfect time to be goofy and spend time with your partner. Make them funny, turn it into a healthy competition. The more creative you get with the carvings, the more fun that you will have together.


1. Camping
One of the beautiful things about living in TEXAS is that a scenic camping destination is just a drive away, camping could turn out to be a southern dream night. What could possibly be better than an ice cold drink or glass of wine and a campfire under the stars? This is the perfect time to discuss memories, goals, and dreams together.


Do you have any cool Fall date ideas? Let me know in the links below!

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