By Dorian Valenzuela

After the terrible shooting that took place at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, all of us have been trying to cope with everything that happened and trying to make sense of it all. None of this still feel real, it just doesn’t feel right.

One thing is certain, the victims of this terrible shooting and their families will always have this day in common, none will ever forget the fear and helplessness they felt on a night that they were supposed to be having fun at a concert.

This is why many of the survivors of this terrible tragedy have agreed upon a couple of a tattoo designs that will forever link them as family, I will be honest, looking at the tattoos made me a little emotional, it is hard for me to convince myself that this all really happened.

Check it out:

The top picture is from Friday morning. The start of what was suppose to be an amazing weekend. The bottom is from the day we got back. The ending to a weekend we will never forget. These two men have been in my life for ten years. And will be in it forever. We went through hell. Me and Nate we apart from Collin the entire night. So many thoughts running through my mind. Not knowing where so many of my friends were. Are they ok. Are they alive. Glad to say we are all ok. But not everyone can say that. My heart goes out to every single person there that dreadful night. So many lost lives so many injured. I pray for all the family's who lost someone. I pray for all the people that had to witness this. This bastard has ruined some many lives. But we are strong. Everyone who was there is strong. We will push past this. God bless us. God bless Vegas. God bless the USA!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #USA #route91harvest #route91survivor #vegasstrong #prayforvegas #10117

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