Costco Hops Onto The Online Delivery Train

Author: Nick Russo

Need to buy in bulk but don’t want to lug the 12 pound box of Ramen to the car? No problemo. Our friends at the wholesale giant, Costco, have now opened the doors to online delivery of products!

According to The Thrillist, So, of course Costco is getting into the delivery game. The warehouse grocer has announced the launch of two new delivery options, including one that offers free delivery.

You will have to spend at least $75 to get the free delivery and a $3 fee added to purchases below the $75 minimum. This shouldn’t be too hard because I’m sure most people go to Costco to rock out at LEAST $100 in groceries for the family of 16.

For fresh produce you’ll have to go through another avenue called InstaCart but for dry goods and up to about 500 of their in-store items you can buy online. There’s also a 2-day delivery option. Find it on their Costco Website.

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