(Video) Watch Luke Bryan Stop Concert To Speak About Vegas Tragedy

Author: Nick Russo

Today’s my first real day back to work since going to Las Vegas for a couple of days. While there, my hotel room looked directly at the site and I had plenty of time to think about all the happened two Sunday nights ago. A week has passed and the echoes of sadness can still be felt in the corners of our hearts and minds; especially, with so many festivals like ACL and other concerts happening all around us.

Luke Bryan had a show in Missouri where he stopped his concert to talk about what happened in Las Vegas and his message was beautiful and poignant.

“I wanna salute all music, it’s not a country music situation…it’s not a country music fan situation… its a music fan situation because we were all robbed of our innocence Sunday night. i love you guys for being brave and showing up tonight and understanding the best thing we can do is show up tonight and do what we know how to do. have fun as  Americans and celebrate all of music and celebrate country music tonight.”

Straight goosebumps. I would add that those fans didn’t let FEAR keep them from going to the show. We shall not let fear of the unknown and unexpected keep us from enjoying the things we love. Music is what brings us together. Music describes the things we cannot put into words.

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