#StupiderThanGeorge: Walmart Scooter DUI and Man Gets “Neutered” Tattoo

Author: George

The Morning Bull Show acknowledges that George does some stupid things in life –  but we also recognize that there are actually people who are “DUMBER” than him.

Including Suzanne from Katy sent me a note, she said her husband gets home a couple of hours before her…she called on the way home and asked if he’d taken chicken out of the freezer to fix for dinner…he said “ummm sure, yes I did”…but when she got home he was thawing the chicken with a hair dryer…said if he microwaved it she’d be able to tell – she said I just looked and said you sir are “STUPIDER THAN GEORGE” – as are these folks

Our First Story: Texas Man Cited For Driving Walmart Scooter While Drunk

The Brownwood, Texas – up near Abilene –  police recently arrested a 67-year-old man for riding an electric scooter in Walmart while drunk. Employees called 911 because the man was drinking beer and eating sausage and cheese while cruising around the store. Walmart wanted the man removed. Cops issued a trespass warning and then cited the man for public intoxication and for being “STUPIDER THAN GEORGE”

Final Story: Texas man’s tattoo, inspired by his dog, turns out to be neuter symbol

A Southlake, Texas man who found a tattoo on his rescue dog decided to get the same ink in solidarity —  “For those of you who know [B]ear know that he has a tattoo given to him from some previous owners,” Chris Mendiola wrote on Facebook. “It sickens me to know that people actually tattoo their pets. So tonight I got his tattoo.” The photos went viral after they were posted to Reddit, where commenters said Bear’s tattoo likely came from a veterinarian. The symbol is designed to let other vets know the dog has been neutered. Mendiola tried to claims he knew the symbol’s meaning…but folks online said all they know is Chris is STUPIDER THAN GEORGE

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