Be Prepared For High Chicken Wing Prices to Hit This Football Season

Author: Nick Russo

There’s no doubt that chicken wings and football season go hand in hand but it’s going to cost a little extra this time around. You see, the high demand of the poultry favorite is shooting the price up and some of our favorite wing places are feeling the pinch.

According to WAFB,

Wing Stop CEO Charlie Morrison said the price his company pays for wings is at an all-time high.

“This year, we’ve seen a much higher price for chicken wings, especially through the summer months,” Morrison said.

So don’t be shocked if you order a set of wings for the game and they’re more expensive than you remember. Restaurants are trying to hedge their resources by offering boneless buffalo wings because the bone-in are too pricey.

But really, boneless Buffalo wings are basically chicken strips or chicken nuggets. Right?

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