By Annie Reuter

Dustin Lynch is expanding his sound on his third album, Current Mood, out September 8. A blend of genres including country, pop, R&B and even EDM, it’s unlike anything Lynch has released before.

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“I’m a little nervous,” Lynch admits. “But the last thing I want for chapter three is ‘Oh, this is just a new take on what we’ve heard for the last few years.’ I hope people see a side of me they haven’t seen yet.”

Lynch has already seen success with his seductive lead single “Seein’ Red” and its follow-up — the sentimental “Small Town Boy,” a song the singer says is about the type of love we’re all chasing down and trying to hang onto.  “I connected to this song because it speaks of a true love and a feeling you have with someone and an emotional connection that’s very intimate.”

“There’s a song for every emotion I’m feeling right now,” he explains. “All these songs are a behind-the-curtain-look at my heart and soul, and it’s so diverse because I listen to all kinds of music. Depending on what mood I was in, I would start the session out with ‘Hey, I was listening to Sugar Ray last weekend in San Diego, I want to feel like that today.’ Or ‘I just saw
Imagine Dragons, let’s try something like that.’”

One of the album’s highlights includes “Love Me or Leave Me Alone,” a stripped down ballad that features Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild, who first heard the song during a post-show jam session and immediately claimed as her own.

“It came about in a simple guitar vocal form.  I played that demo for Luke Bryan and Little Big Town on  Luke Bryan’s bus.  And they flipped out.  And it’s so cool to have artists that I look up to really kind of stand up and give me a thumbs up and say, ‘This is a special song.'”

Lynch goes on to say, “I don’t deserve to have Karen on my album at all it’s just a dream come true to have her lend her voice, her talent, her emotion to the lyric. It’s got to be hands down one of my favorite moments of my musical career.”

Another personal track on the album is the standout “I’d Be Jealous Too,” a track Lynch says came together while working on elements for “Small Town Boy.”

“‘I’d Be Jealous Too’ is a song about something I’ve felt before.  It’s a song about being with your significant other and noticing other people notice them.”  He adds, “That feeling inspired the song title but the day shooting “Small Town Boy”on the Malibu beach with Claire Holt inspired the music.”

Other songs, like “Why We Call Each Other,” showcase a new side to the singer. A tale of a guy and girl who only hear from each other late at night, the song embodies a laid-back R&B feel with slick and sultry production that highlight Lynch’s smooth vocals.

Meanwhile, album closer “Sun Don’t Go Down on That” continues the genre bending production. A song that has the singer looking back on a former love nostalgically, Lynch remains hopeful.

Each track on Current Mood is unlike the previous. It’s a decision Lynch has fully embraced and something he hopes his fans appreciate.

“The goal for me is to continue to stretch,” he explains. “It’s all about moving the needle now.”

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