By Scott T. Sterling

Tim McGraw is in better shape than all of us. Well, most of us, anyway.

The country superstar and husband to fellow country superstar Faith Hill takes fitness very seriously, so much so that the outrageously ripped singer has teamed up with Snap Fitness to develop a line of specialty health clubs, TRU MAV.

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While McGraw spends at least a couple of hours every day working out, he explains that staying in shape is about a lot more than being hot.

“It’s not necessarily about how you look, it’s about accomplishing something,” he explains in a new interview with Entrepreneur. “Ten years ago when I really started trying to get myself in good shape, I noticed it raised the bar on everything that I did it: my career, my family life, my alertness. It changed my whole attitude about everything that I do. Finding good habits turned into better habits and finding better habits turned into really, really, really great habits. I think it’s made my career stronger and certainly has given me more longevity.”

McGraw has even roped his band into staying fit with group workouts on the road.

“It’s a great team-builder,”  he says. “We end up talking about the show a lot and talking about different things that we want to do and how we might change the light or maybe change a certain guitar sound. Some of our best ideas about the show come during our workouts.”

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