The Morning Bull Show acknowledges that George does some stupid things in life –  but we also recognize that there are actually people who are “DUMBER” than him.

I think these folks called in sick the day God was giving out brains

FIRST) Thanks to Bill Schroeder in Humble, sent this in –  MADISON, Wisconsin police said 21-year-old Jelani Faulk was riding a commuter bus through downtown last Wednesday morning, when the bus hit a bump or Jelani had an itch – no one knows for sure – except they do know the gun he had tucked in the front of his pants went off, injuring him in a “a sensitive area”.   He was taken to the hospital, and after treatment was arrested for being a persistent felon.  Police he is NO longer packing but he is STUPIDER THAN GEORGE

SECOND) Then there was this – from Erica Trickey in Cypress.  She sent along the story of the 22-year-old Florida woman who swam up to a dude’s fishing line, bit it and swam away with the rod and reel.  Sheriff’s officials the is a whole new take on ‘catfishing’ – but I’m sure it was a catch and release because she is STUPIDER THAN GEORGE

And finally: man is fired from job after worst possible butt-dial

New York state court system’s longtime communications chief was fired last Thursday after he “accidentally butt-dialed” a reporter’s voicemail. The dude had been speaking by cellphone with the reporter about his cushy schedule.  But, David Bookstaver butt-dialed back, and unwittingly left a four-minute voicemail while chatting with at least two other people telling them how cushy his $166,000 a year job was, and that he was lazy at the office. saying, “I barely show up to work,” The reporter wrote a story about it and the dude was fired the next day – buy the way he’d been on the state payroll for over 20 years and he was STUPIDER THAN GEORGE!




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