CAN I GET AN AMEN: Texas Teen Finds & Then Returns $1500 – #GoodNews

Author: George

Kameron Grigsby is 17

Kameron Grigsby plays football at Central High School in Beaumont

Kameron Grigsby works at an HEB grocery store

Kameron Grigsby is being hailed as a hero.

Kameron is sometimes the parking lot attendant at HEB – and he says he’s found all kinds of things left in the buggies, phones, groceries, but the other day – he found a wallet with $1500 in cash inside.

And he turned it in immediately – When asked about the wallet containing $1500 he said “I turned it in. My first mind was this could be somebody’s bill money, car note, house note or mortgage.”

At the ripe old age of 17, Grigsby is the student, the athlete, and now the honest shopping cart attendant dropped this wisdom, “I always believe you get it back three fold,” he says of doing the right thing.


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